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What Is The Journey Your Customers Are On?

"How do you communicate to your customer effectively?"

What does it take to really understanding what journey your customer takes when interacting with your business? Annette Franz of her comp

any CX Journey has a way we can really understand this more clearly through Journey Mapping.

Did you know what was the top reason why customers stayed loyal to a business?

Check out the survey findings: - 9% advised that PRICE was the total reason - always supply a product or service in their budget and satisfaction - 38% said it was that the PRODUCT OR SERVICE was dependable, it out-performed the rest of the market - 53% said it was the whole SALES EXPERIENCE that took them to know they needed to be involved

What is Journey Mapping?

In general, it is the steps that customers take as they interact with a brand, based on a timeline. We use this information to tell a story, identify gaps the customer faces, and give you an opportunity to co-create better experiences tailored for them to make sure every interaction with your brand is a great one. It can highlight where we place the 'wow' moments to keep the buyers interested to be apart of this journey. Think about this example of a customer that had to park further away as there were not enough car parks out front of the coffee house at that time of the morning. Once inside the coffee house doors, they then had to queue 20-buyers deep before they could purchase that coffee. I bet you can guess how that buyer was feeling right then!

What can we do to add more delight to their day?

What can you do that is unexpected but appreciated?

It can really change a customer's perception that may be negative at that moment, into appreciating how much your business cares. Below is a journey of a customer buying a mobile phone:

How do you create a Journey Map for your business?

1. Plan - outline clear goals and objectives with success metrics 2. Empathize - map what a person is doing, feeling and thinking at different timeline points 3. Introspect - create a blueprint of what is happening behind the scene at those moments 4. Identify - the problematic moments of truth that really happens 5. Ideate - create a future map of what you would like to see happen from a business point of view and then from a customer point of view 6. Implement - prototype testing and if working, planned steps to implement into your business

Take some time to ponder the following:

  • Do I really understand my customer and the journey I give them when they interact with my business?

  • How can we deliver the best experience to our buyers?

  • To know why our top clients interact with our business is key to knowing where the improvements can be made (the 'wow factor') to retain our customers and turn them into frequent buyers of what we offer and in turn will attract new potential buyers.

I wish you every bit of success you deserve.

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