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This Is YOUR Time - Be Giving To Yourself

"Self-caring is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you." - Katie Reed

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As we are winding down for the end of the year, it is a great time to reflect on what has happened, how did we do, what when wrong, what went right and are we happy with our progress? I am talking about taking stock of where you are now and where you want to be this time next year, being closer to your ultimate goals. This next year is the area we call the gap - the bit in the middle where we choose how we would want it to look like. Nearing Christmas time I always get the sense of change in the air - people are tired but they get their second wind and choose to be a little more giving, more festive, more about cheer and goodwill. They know that the demand is winding down but so are they. They are excited by the group efforts of people around to bring a little more joy to the community. And do you know what?

This is precisely the best time to spend some time to think on how you would like your life's path to change.

We are already in the right mindset for creativity. You see, when we experience happiness, love, joy, excitement and gratitude, our mind can truly create. However, on the flip side, if stressed, worried, have angst or a depressed mood, we would be focused more inward on how to soothe what we are feeling and how to escape where we are. So, I beg you, if you are in the latter psyche right now, please find a way to focus outward and help to spread some good old-fashioned cheer around and watch your world come alive. Once we can dream and envisage thoughts that make our body awaken, it is a fabulous idea to write them ALL down. No matter how weird and wonderful they are or how realistic or not they should be, it is all about seeing what inspires you and what could be actually very possible over time. Have you ever had those ideas that were innovative at the time of thought, but then did not take action. Next thing you see is somebody else has created exactly what you had envisaged before. I know I have. Having some clarity on all points of your life is a great thing to do - it alerts your RAS (reticular activating system) to help reveal opportunities and motivate you towards what you want.

What is RAS?

According to 8/11/2019 "The reticular activating system (RAS) is a part of the mammalian brain located in the brain stem. In human biology, it is believed to play a role in many important functions, including sleep and waking, behavioral motivation, breathing, and the beating of the heart." I know when I first became pregnant, I could not believe just how many pregnant women were walking around amongst the places I would venture - I was sure I had not really ever seen so many before.

Why was that I thought?

And as explained to me, it was my RAS blocking out stimuli that were not as important for me at that time.

Yes, it was all happening around me but I could not really see it as it was not apart of my focus. But when I showed an interest in motherhood, this part of my world just opened up to me like all the flowers in the world just bloomed. Once we have some clarity of what we are interested in, where we have been, it just leaves the gap. This is the time to simply draw a ladder to start putting things in place to get us to step towards where we would like to see us evolve in 12 months time. I sometimes find it easier to work it backwards - Say I want an extra $100,000 this year in revenue (why - so I can sustain my business better and move to a better bigger house). As I know I have 12 months to work with, I would break that down to know how much more I need to make each month - $8334 (That is about $2000 per week). Next, I would be looking at what are my money making resources I have - what do I do now that brings in the most revenue already? Mine is workshops. So, if that is working well enough now, how can I push that to work even better? We know that consultations are 1:1, when we work with groups it is 1:many. I could duplicate my time or work 0:Many by means of software products. I could look at increasing the area I cover by more workshops,

I could create train others to help me teach and add interactive moments that I feature with in,

I could look at live streaming workshops and distributing them to corporate companies and my database for a fee,

I could partner with an event organiser and raise the value and the price I would charge to go bigger reaching more people. So many options here...

Then I would decide on a few ways and model out some figures to see whether it would take me to where I need to be for my goal of 12 months. When you pick one that will give you a realistic lifestyle not only can suit the people who love you most too, then it is a simple as breaking down the steps of what is needed by when to allow this to become a reality. Obviously, the first month would be dealing with progressing the new changes whilst still conducting business as normal. Maybe by the first quarter, once the first change has brought in newer revenue, decide to let go of a lesser income stream by way of delegating it out for others to handle or collaborating with another business to handle for a commission each month. Maybe hiring more virtual assistants to help promote your business and the new pathway and help with the documentation and course requirements. By the six months, I would like to see that you have the momentum of at least a few goes at the new direction and it has already brought in more money.

From here, you may look at tweaks to make it come in line with your goals - Is the price I am charging on target? Do I need to double it? - Is enough people being promoted to? Do I need a better marketing strategy? Do I need to hire more people to call my database? Do I need a better lead magnet? Are we following up regularly? - Are my team clear on our direction? Are opportunities being captured and directed to the right people? Do they understand our mission? Do they feel like they are helping make impacts of growth too and being rewarded? - Are my customers receiving enough value? Are they being wowed? Do I follow the customer journey and have enough touch points within to help them realise I am there to support them when they need it? - Is there enough up-sells and down-sells available for further sales? Would customers pay for more if they felt I could package some of my products together? Does my marketing allow for ease of payment? Does my auto-responder help transition a new customer to their newly acquired product and giving support along the way?


As you have now seen, we have simply filled in the gaps of expectations to achieve each month to get to where we want to go in 12 months. By making a goal with a deadline is making a commitment to see through. By making a plan broken down by months helps to keep us more accountable and allows everyone to see where we are heading. And as said before, the best, best, best time is to do this when we have creative energy within us. Remember, if we do not achieve everything set out as planned, it is not a failure.

Look more closely, you'll see that you have in fact created change, a better foundation to take off from, a mental battle that is winning more each and every day, a closer point for next year's plan. And if you surpass your ideals - celebrate and PLAN BIGGER!! Be inspired!

Meg Hogan x

Meg Hogan is an Amazon #1 Best Selling author in Australia and US for 'Get Rich Be The Voice' and a Business Coach helping owners maximise their business potential to be in the best possible position to reap more revenue and retain more personal wealth. With her 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction, she gives certainty to her clients that their best interests are at heart. "My door is open or anyone who may wish to discuss their business challenges in hopes of finding some practical solutions. Book a free call to chat on what I can offer you, and walk away with at least 3 things you can do now to improve your situation."

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