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Harnessing The Will Of Your Workers

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." - Napoleon Hill

The question I put to you is:

"Would you like to work a 4 day week and get paid for 5?"

This is a hot topic concerning business at present that is suggesting that 78% of employees were hugely satisfied, more energetic and productivity-driven in better supporting their balance of lifestyle. Perpetual Guardian, which manages trusts and wills, released research that indicates that workers are only truly productive at least three hours in a typical work day. Employees were recorded as being more in control of their work-life balance, were satisfied in their roles, more engaged, felt better, and had lower work demands. Employers were also happy as the productivity did not suffer, their staff was more responsive and proactive to meet the demands of their roles, had enhanced reputation, enhanced recruitment and better retention of staff. They even were looking at saving 20% on energy costs! How they did it? Companies were asked to cover all the roles and duties required to meet the demands of their viable businesses. This involved organising team coverage to support the needs of the buyers and suppliers. It would be a trial rolled out over 8 weeks to see where the challenges were and how to overcome the stigma of buyers and suppliers. The idea was that if staff felt more cared-for, they would have a better attitude to their roles and the people they meet with, the driven focus to engage better and achieve would be raised to keep their incentivised day off and general workplace stress could be reduced, thus minimalising errors and costly mistakes.

"This is interesting because there was a potential issue of staff feeling more stressed, but research shows that having more control over one’s job enhances psychological well-being... supervisors found their teams had greater creativity and engaged in more helpful behaviours, as well as giving better service performance. " Perpetual Guardian

Public Holidays present in a work week would exclude the incentivised day off, and so would annual leave or sick days taken during this week block. Some companies trialed a day off in the middle of a week, a rotating slide and a day off Fridays. Not all customers could be dealt with over the four day week, making some roles necessary to be present and operational of the designated day off. It became obvious that other roles/teams were not as needed from the beginning of the week. It was unified that a Monday-Thursday work week and a Tuesday-Friday work week suited most affected.

"Managing director Andrew Barnes thought a shorter working week might be an innovative way to get employees to focus on their work and maintain overall productivity while providing benefits such as an enhanced work-life balance, better mental health and fewer cars on the road.

The results show a 24% increase in employees saying their work-life balance had improved, a significant improvement in engagement and a 7% drop in stress levels – all without a reduction in productivity."

Meg Hogan is an Amazon #1 Best Selling author in Australia and US for 'Get Rich Be The Voice' and a Business Coach helping owners maximise their business potential to be in the best possible position to reap more revenue and retain more personal wealth. With her 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction, she gives certainty to her clients that their best interests are at heart. "My door is open or anyone who may wish to discuss their business challenges in hopes of finding some practical solutions. Book a free call to chat on what I can offer you, and walk away with at least 3 things you can do now to improve your situation."

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