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I Just Fell Off My Chair!

"Change Your Thoughts And You Change The World" - Norman Vincent Peale

Many of you will know that I wrote a book called 'Get Rich Be The Voice' a few years ago and published through It is a book filled with a money management plan and many strategies to help raise your level of wealth. The woven tone throughout is now that you can afford more and lift your lifestyle, it makes sense to help another by contribution to a cause or mission of your choice. I've been an animal supporter from such a young age and this has been seen via supportive tweaks I have added in my life. A compelling moment occurred when visiting the Soi Dog Animal Hospital in Thailand. I was shocked, I was appalled, felt emotionally ill that I could not make sense of why the cruelty and ritualised brutality was occurring to such peaceful loyal friends being dogs and cats. (Slow down Meg... you are getting wound up here) Getting back to my point here, from being an obsessed writer wanting to explain all I could, and giving my publisher some real headaches, at the end, I was super proud of writing this book that I know that if a reader could utilise a few of the strategies, their life could change. And if they understood my message of giving, and being appreciative of their life changing, they would. The book when launched made four best seller categories across two countries being Australia and the United States of America and so was awarded a #1 Best Seller tag in these categories. Today, I was strolling through the internet and thought I'd just have a look at how the book was going. To my surprise, I found that some of the top book suppliers have picked up this book! I just fell off my chair!

From, my book now was also picked up by the giant retail book suppliers - Angus & Robertson, Dymocks, Fishpond & Booktopia.

(Picture me now - 'doing the dance!')

Whilst, I pick myself back up of the floor, it would be a good time to say this... By chance, if you are one of my supporters or you have read my book, I truly thank you and hope you have strived to better your circumstances and give back in some small way. One thing I have learned is that we must never lose focus on trying to level ourselves up. The ripple effect that occurs from this is everyone surrounding you gets to see the familiarness of this act and they better their circumstances too. It is better to live with more opportunities and choice than barely live by surviving. And what we do, who we help can better the lives where we put our focus, because we can.

The benefits of contribution:

  • Giving tells the Universe that you are living in abundance and more open to receiving.

  • Giving is so satisfying and rewarding, it becomes soul-changing.

  • Giving does not have to equal just a monetary donation, it can be volunteering, teaching, supporting your time.

  • Certain tax schemes will allow a tax deduction on registered charities.

Giving is something that lights a fire in my soul. Seeing what appreciation is given, seeing that you can help another in pain or poverty, helping another see that they now have options, it becomes my duty, my focus, my will.

Meg Hogan x

Meg Hogan is an Amazon #1 Best Selling author in Australia and US for 'Get Rich Be The Voice' and a Business Coach helping owners maximise their business potential to be in the best possible position to reap more revenue and retain more personal wealth. With her 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction, she gives certainty to her clients that their best interests are at heart. "My door is open or anyone who may wish to discuss their business challenges in hopes of finding some practical solutions. Book a free call to chat on what I can offer you, and walk away with at least 3 things you can do now to improve your situation."

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