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"What does it take to be the leader where you would even follow?"

How does one become inspired enough to lead others? and

When do you really know that you are a successful leader?

Authenticity is the key. When you are ready to lay down your own mistakes, your own disasters, cruel intentions, cheating ways and own it that this was you, you remove the power that others can use against you and you show your real and vulnerable side.

The lesson you learned which allowed you to crush it and take back your power.

Being transparent enough to see through your own bull-shit and halting belief system that you didn't want others to see about you and lay it out there.

Jason Sisneros is a beautiful example of this - laying down his bare bones of mistakes and misfortunes to rise up and help stop world hunger, help stop human trafficking for sex slavery.

"When you are walking in another's pain, you will no longer feel your own"

– Jason Sisneros,

From - Jason Sisneros is a hard-nosed, battle-tested CEO who has taken the science of performance and the art of leadership to the next level. He is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in business and innovation. "People want you to define yourself by your worst decisions and judge themselves by their best intentions. Are you living in somebody else's psychology?" Take some time to ponder the following: What is the bull-shit that you do not want people to know about in your life? Where are you not authentic in your life? Where can you change to bring that transparency back? What is your legacy going to be about? What are you investing in and what outcome do you need to come of it? What is your WHY? The secret to the kingdom? I wish you every bit of success you let yourself deserve.

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