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Be the champion and give yourself a chance to show up like you wanted to.

Today's blog is very focused on you and the you in your business, drilling down by asking the question:

"Did you get to show up like you wanted to show up when engaging with others?"

This question is so on point as when we are with differing identities, we can act in a completely different way to who we really are and how we would normally act. An overbearing husband may see you play the role of a misunderstood wife. A positive beaming neighbour may have you blurting out negativities even though you are the positive glow in your own household. A meeting with higher influencing guru may find you a babbling, smiling person with a blank mind if ever asked a question of. When you were a child, you were an artist, you didn't care what others thought about you, you dreamed, you spoke your truth as you understood it, you would say you fit in your own skin. As a child, you were excited enough to run everywhere, not walk, and you played. As adults, we have lost the ability to remember and be the real you and how to play for fulfillment. Now let's fast track this to our current situation. "A champion shows up and gives himself a chance for change" - my mastermind coach relayed this to me and I just love this. As when we feel stressed or wanting to shy away, we really just have to align with the champion approach and give it another shot, a chance to save the day, even if it is little by little impacts. Do we actually take the time to allow ourselves to really feel our accomplishments? Are you getting value from things you are doing? If not, I would urge you to change it in some way. What does your ideal self-look like? Is this you now? Why would you need to make it a MUST to change? Get really clear on how you want to present to others, get sexy with it, be drawn in by it. Maybe ask yourself, are you investing in the right spots? Take note on which identity shows up with whomever. Constantly keep pushing your boundaries. Rituals are helpful to bring you back into state, a state to champion on. Take the time to question your motives - "Is this moving me closer to my mission?" Do you think on how you want to show up? Is there a part of you holding onto a weaker identity? What are some of the ideal moments that dictate your experiences? Are they peak moments? What does your inner-self rave about you? Is it what you want others to rave about you? You become the leader by putting yourself in the right state. Go to the extremes and think on a super-hero that you admire. Pose as you are that super-hero. Notice your stance, how you breathe, how you speak and gesture. Applying this to your business - How do you engage with your team? Start with yourself first. Stand up and tell the inner you to 'SHUT UP - This is my day and I've got it!' You are the star of your show, you are the director, you write the script. What would your business look like if your employees thought they would be crazy to work anywhere else? What would it be like if you had an employee that would 'lean in' and take control from start to finish and leave the customer very satisfied? How do you need to show up to be who you need to become to help them show up? Think about what type of person you have been hiring? Where have you been investing in them? What is your business's emotional centre? What have you been doing to move your business closer to knowing the heartbeat, the driving force why you are in business? What is the environment you need to create? What motivates your team to push forward? How are you bonding? (Daily meetings, cross-training rotations, extra activities, themed days, challenges, etc.) Strive to make your business the perfect place to work. Your team will be able to radiate the essence of what your business stands for when they feel and love your brand. How healthy is your business from a cultural perspective? Do you have an onboarding system? Do you have a journey map for your employees, some path that they can strive for and still add value to your business? Have you created experiences and emotional moments for your team? Where should you invest? What would it take for them to be ALL IN? What needs to change? Be ready to be challenged, be ready for the hard answers... Are you really ready to take on more clients?

And if we turn this around to what our client expects, can you proud of what you and your client have accomplished this cycle? What would be the reality if we have disappointed them and their expectations? Have you been consciously targeting their needs? What have you done to move them forward towards their ideals? Have you created moments and experiences that they can look fondly back on? A question was raised in the book 'The Power Of Moments' by Chip & Dan Heath. They asked 'Do you think in time or moments?'. It was a surprising question that I had never really ever thought of. And to realise that we do think in 'moments' = experiences, are the memories that make us laugh or smile, or other displays of emotions that drive our behaviour of why we do things. The moment I was being swept away in a rip in the ocean, is so prominent in my memory, that it affected my actions of never again going out too deep in the ocean where I could not touch the bottom, where I did not have control... and that was over 25 years ago. You see. So it is vitally important to tap into your customer and make positive moments with them if we are to have them singing our praises to another - our raving fan. Take the time to really feel how committed you have to be to get peak moments. Once you and your team show up in a way your client needs, how could your client not turn into a raving fan for your business? And again, what are you doing for your clients that your competition isn't? Be proud of that winning ingredient and take the time to share highlights with your clients. Generalising, if we could satisfy our client's needs, our team's needs and ourselves and our business dreams and mission, wouldn't you think we have truly made it? Going back to when you were a child, you were a sponge. You had received messages from everywhere - people you loved and trusted on how to behave, society on what to wear and how to act, your environment on how to keep safe from harm, competition and mass thinking on how not to always stand out. Disbelieving in yourself occurs through no fault of your own. But what would it take for you to release all the things holding your back and just take off? Did you get to show up like you wanted to show up? Are you disappointing your kid-self? I wish you every bit of success you let yourself deserve.

Meg x

Meg Hogan Business Coaching

Portfolio Mastery – wealth tips, ideals and opportunities Whitsundays, Queensland Australia

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