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The Wealth of Your Database

Money & Success Tip #300 - a personal touch to your database

Isn't it great to collect information on the people who bought from you?

But did you also think to add your suppliers, your enquirers, your advisory team to your database as well?

I am not talking about showing no regard for the SPAM rules, where it is against the law to just add people to your database in the hopes to bombard them with emails for ever more, but I am talking about having another contacts list where you make one off contacts by email and ask somewhere within if they would like to receive more communication from you.

They then have the option to say yes or no or simply not reply at all. On the latter action, then it is plausible to send a follow up email to check on their intention and offer some more enticing news-worthy content that may give you a second chance.

Many operators in business have these wonderful databases but rarely use them for any benefit to their business. Strange hey...

Your client should get the chance to want to belong to something, and your business could be the family they were looking for. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive emails from a friendly face, a piece of amusing news or special offers of just what I was looking for.

By emailing a newsletter of specials/ offers that they could take a hold of is applauded as long as it does not become an annoyance. Inviting them to a special VIP occasion, sharing a funny story with them. Just picking up the phone and having a chat, asking their opinion, giving them some importance and attention is where the miracles begin to happen in making them a raving fan of your business.

So, how often should you make contact with members of your database?

Say you had 300 people on your database, you just need to call everyone on there at least twice a year, resulting in 2-3 calls per workday. If you had 1000 people on your database, that would result in 7-8 calls per work day. Totally do-able!

Your database holds riches of your business. These people have already known, liked and trusted you with most of them completing a sale or two. You do not have to try pitching them, you just need to showcase stock that may be of interest to them. Your role is not to be the world's best sales man, but rather, the person who can help anticipate their needs and wants and deliver on that.

Did you realise 5% are ready to buy now, there is 30% that will buy on first encounters, but the true wealth comes from the follow up, the reminder, the feedback, the interactions you have that make them feel important, valued and that they belong and that makes a staggering 60-70% that buy on a repeat basis.

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