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A recent chat with a high performer

It's mid-way through January and I am wondering how you are going at tackling this quarter? The first week is always about planning what you are doing this 90 days and the targets you want to hit on a yearly basis. If you haven't done this yet, then I urge you to take action NOW! This is super crucial to getting your head in the game for a massive kick-ass year. There is something about setting targets and goals you wish to achieve, it all gets processed by your reticular activating system (RAS) where your subconscious goes to work to filter our perception in finding the paths, people and objects that steer us to what we have envisioned. Staying in focus with a plan of how to is key. Secondly, surround yourself with interesting people who are playing a bigger game than you is the next big MUST. And that brings me to today's topic... I have been working again on finding my people through Facebook. Don't disregard Facebook as it is an older platform, instead embrace that it is a channel that can still target a certain audience type, innovates to keep the playing field fair for all advertisers and has plenty of more growth and potential to be there for years more. Connecting with highly motivated people that understand the way I tick that are positive and inspiring. They have a trail of achieving and not afraid to step out into the world getting exposed in what they are creating. But on the other side, they have a compassionate side that resonates with me, and my want for a kinder world. It is amazing what connections can be made through Facebook all over the world.

I accidentally scrolled upon a name I knew as a well-known guru in the personal development arena and decided to befriend him. Assuming this name was probably a hack, probably a virtual assistant or fan of his work. He started a chat thread with me. I thought, what the hell - be cautious Meg, but let's see where this goes. It all started with a 'Hello there'... He was upbeat in his responses, he was showing gratitude (as we know that joy and gratitude is the common traits of high performers), when I told him I appreciated some of his work I have seen online, he replied with "thanks, I hope it made a great impact". I decided to ask a question being "What is your cause greater than yourself that drives you to succeed?", and instantly I got the answer "what drives me to succeed is the quest for high performance". Not a bad answer since it was given so promptly. This person on the other end is looking like he may know a thing or two about personal development I thought. My curiosity grew. We spoke more where I suggested relating to your target audience in topics that they want to hear was important in growing a business but again he quickly responded with "don't bother, just be better than your contemporaries or predecessors... try to be better than yourself" At this point, I am realising I am speaking to someone with an expert knowledge base, someone that does display authority and commands better of himself and his team. Then he runs through some quotes, that really resonates with me and our conversation. I find myself bubbling as he is very positive and motivating. The same as I felt when I have been at a 3 day seminar. My curiosity to know if it is really him leads me to do a sneaky search in Google images and I look up some of the quotes. Low and behold, I saw his picture and one of the exact same quote right there in Google. Could this be? The intrigue has my attention. Maybe I will never know who lurks on the other end, but the elevated conversation was well worth getting to know this person. So for you my friend, I leave you with his last words that I needed to hear and hope they can spur your actions too this year: " Keep striving for greatness by acquiring quality knowledge every day, making effective strategies and executing them. Remember that your day is coming, your time is near, your dreams are closer than you know, keep hope... one day at a time."

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Keep smiling! Meg Hogan Best Selling Author in USA & Australia "Get Rich Be the Voice" Money & Business Strategic Coach

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