Cash flow is KING

November 21, 2017

Portfolio Mastery

We have all heard that 'cash flow is king', but why is that?


Cash flow is the life flow for action. Without action and the financing, there is no movement, no growth, no innovation...

In your personal life, cash flow is money coming in - like a wage, like a passive return on investment.
In business, the cash flow has to sustain the critical day to day operations and then be able to enhance your presence by marketing, innovation, training, refits, updating equipment and machinery and so much more.


Some ways to increase your cash flow is to use your metrics and forecast monthly ins and outs. By timing major expenses and capital expenditure and by increasing transaction values, frequency of spends is a first step.


You can find more cash flow from spending in marketing, margins you buy and sell with, by improving relationships of your customers, creating new products or services or package/bundle offers,by tweaking your accounting, by having efficient fulfillment practices, by introducing more technology, and so forth...


Money & Success Tip #209 - Cash flow



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