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Top 3 things that need to change this week

It is important that we recognise problems that arise, things that need to be taken care of and not just usher them under the carpet.

A weekly meeting with staff or a personal reflection with your diary to make a plan to fix the most pressuring things that need to change.

Why haven't they been fixed prior to this?


Life has a way of giving you plenty to think about that may deflect against your pressing tasks that need your attention now.

By getting organised, as new items hit the agenda, they need to be written down and itemised as whether needing to address NOW, SOON or SOMEDAY. Look to see if they also could be DONE By YOU or DELEGATED.

As to not to go into overwhelm and budget distress, manage to look at the top three items per week that you can integrate into your routine.

Money & Success Tip #207 - Top 3 things that need to change this week

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