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Measure your Marketing

Creating marketing ads for your business, group or hobby is a time-consuming venture. Not only to learn the fundamentals of publisher or programs but finding the right type of picture or adding a video to support your message and still be enticing for engagement.

Then to mirror a working ad's copy in your own way matching it the person you would like to target your ad to.

Split test the results over type prototypes to see how the target audience accepts or rejects it, what times to display your ad and what words or pictures captures their attention.

But when you get it ready to roll and bid your dollars to find enough audience, this is when you can really turn your expenses into an investment. The investment is knowing who watched for more than half the video, who watched to the end. By re-targeting these people is when the true magic begins, your dollars are put to work with a higher rate of sales in return for your efforts.

Money & Success Tip #206 - Measure your Marketing

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