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It's a mind game = Success

Money & Success Tips #196

Getting your head in the game starts with a positive outlook and a positive belief system. It is essential to create success first in your head that can be leveraged to create success in your business or life venture. If you can control your thinking, you can control your results.

Up the anti - Step forth and be bold. Think bigger. Don’t be timid. Think CEO! Employees should take the lead in their area of operations, regarding yourself as the CEO. Small business owners should appoint themselves as CEO and eagerly accept and wear the title. Put it on your business card, buy a pricey business suit and get a tailor to sew the letters CEO onto the inside lining. Play the game and play it to win. Over time your CEO mindset will shine through.

Spend time every day, for the next 30 days making a list of your strengths, skills and abilities. Do not stop until the list of strengths is at least 100. You'll realise you have more strengths than you might imagine.

Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Courage is being able to look your fears in the eye and know that they are just your alarm system that does not want you to change.

Don’t be stuck in busy mode. Avoid the seduction of being busy.

Keep your head in the game and invest time every day to slow down, reflect and think.

When you act you always get results. Action may not always move you forward but rarely if ever will it move you back. Do not dissipate your power by trying to do too many things all at once. Maintain focus on how to grow your business in foreseeable steps.

Remember to stay in balance. At times Business will call for your undivided attention, but remember what your greatest assets are - your family and yourself. Burn-out serves nobody.

Achieve balance.

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