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Our Secret Power

Isn't it strange that you meet certain people from all sorts of life that are just plain lucky. If there was $50 laying on the ground, they would certainly find it. If they had a punt at the horses luck would see them winning something. You just want to touch them to see if luck will jump off them and fall all over you too. Others you just knew that they would suceed in life, never seen to halter or be slowed from reaching those new heights. Is it luck or is it more?

But luck can be seen as many things - a godly sign like an angel or guardian is looking over their shoulder guiding them, or Law of Attraction (LOA) a physical energy presence that when truely believed in, energy can be magnetised towards them. Whatever it is, we all can strive to build more of this attracting power.

1. Believe that what you want is very possible - so much so that you can visualise you having it, feeling it, see how it changed your life down the track and it ties into your future goals.

2. Stay focused and ask for what you want out load - almost like a prayer, so your subconscious can hear you and know you mean business. Be the first thing you say when you wake up and the last thing at night before sleep.

3. Keep working at your goal consistently, being productive and excited by your direction. Share the vision and the load with others to see your plan build momentum and grow.

4. Only accept positive energy in your environment, push out any negative energy - if you breath positivity long enough, all you'll give is positivity out. Good things happen in a positive environment.

5. Remove distractions, bad self-talk or blocking beliefs that toy with your subconscious mind where it in turn tries to find justification why you think that is so.

6. To measure your 'attracting powers', create a list that has 2 columns for every day of the month - Value Found, Money Discovered. Value Discovered column may have items as you were shouted a cuppa for the day, maybe you won a shopping voucher, maybe you got 50% off deal on parking, etc. Money Discovered can be physical money found, uncovered lost money, someone paid you money owing or a gift, you got a pay rise, etc. At the end of a month, have a look at how much your subconscious looks for opportunities that you start to focus on.

Our present state of finances are attributed to our beliefs. Our confidence in ourselves, the money we expect to receive for a job well done, the money we expect we can survive on without putting others out. Some of us look further as how high they can push for a pay rise, having a feeling of confidence in knowing the limits of their companies. Few can see no barrier on how much they can earn and try to duplicate systems for exponential growth knowing that their time is limited and should be shared amongst many.

Wealthy gurus are often advising of their morning rituals and visualisation processes. If their goal was not realised in the fashion they thought it should have been they will question their limited beliefs or distractions that took them off the path for a moment and enrol advisors to align their belief systems again.

We all have our own secret power and some of us know it better than others, but that is not to say that we cannot grow our power enough so we can have it stay switched on for most of the time. It is very very possible...

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