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The Mentoring Game, why did we stop?

Right from a young child we had mentors - our mother and father, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles.

We went to school for an education where our teachers and attractive older students taught us how to be and act in society and avenues for employment we may take.

We did sports and had a coach, we had celebrities we admired and cheered for.

We did scouts and had a leader.

We did university and allowed many to inspire us, think out of the main steams, kept us on track and pushed us when times got hard before exams or you felt like quitting.

So why is it that we stop learning after we educate ourselves?

Didn't these systems aspire us to going greater than we could have on our own choices?

Hmmm... so why is such a deliberation over getting a coach to help us push through new barriers and new income levels and help us sort out areas that need improvement in our own life?

Is it because we got comfortable, we got in a routine that does not have extra expections on us that allows downtime to relax more?

Is it because we have blocks on our beliefs that limit seeing ourselves improve?

Are we just too busy doing on our own...blah blah blah.

What ever the excuse is, we have one life, only so much time to see ourselves take on the most important venture of designing our own life. So I say, get a grip - lets shake this up and finally go play!

Coaches are there to motivate you with strategies, Mentors have been there before and can show the way. Teachers can teach a proven way and help you understand the purpose why you should change. Connectors can hook you up with a person that can benefit your issue.

Find out if they have a track record of success that you are after, did those clients advance ahead? Can you see that you could be the same? Could that expense be deferred until the first goal was reached? Is the cost really a problem knowing that you will benefit from the experience? There are no rules on how a deal can be structured between two persons - therefore nothing holding you back. Whatever the excuse was, don't let it limit your potential.

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