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OPT & OPM (Other people's time & Other people's money)

Have you ever wondered why getting ahead takes soooo long - bet you are trying to do all the pieces of your plan... am I right?

"But I am saving money", you say,

"Yes", I say, "but how much money are you losing by waiting for it to be ready to put out there?"

Work in your plan to use OTHER PEOPLES TIME and OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.

Ask your self the question - "Are you going to settle for the X dollars just so you can be assured you have control over all you do, publish and promote".

"Or could you see yourself earning 10x more X dollars, freeing up your time, where you come up with ideas, outsource people to tender a good product that is yours and subscribers can prepurchase an idea for a discount that can allow you to afford the outsourcing to complete your product in the short term".

Your money will roll in verses the small minded person that is saving money and still working on the project at hand at their cost.

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