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Have you a strategy that will make you more money?

I too have had to make a strategy to keep my conscious mind and my unconscious mind focused on the task at hand to grow my personal nest egg, to improve my personal health and wellness, investments etc.. Your conscious mind work on the plan at hand being interested and inspired to keep going forth, but the true magic is in your subconscious mind always looking for the opportunities, attracting what you need as per your belief in what your goals and dreams are.

A strategy has to have a vision of the goal + a list of actions to keep working on + a measure to know whether your efforts have been working or not. (Of course they will if you have a plan!)

For example:

IM (Information Marketing) plan:

Say $20,000 per month is my goal + Build a list via optins, build relationships and create offers to purchase informational products I endorse + check out a link tracker program to see how many unique clicks opted in and tests on what words or designs, groups that work best for retention.

Success plan:

More significance + morning rituals, mentoring, vision board, toastmasters + more affluent personal friendships, elite groups, affirmations and power poses.

and so on...

I utilise a process shown to me by Dean Holland's iPro called WMN - what matters now. How cool and clear is that simple process idea, "what matters now"... We all have so many nonsense emails that we feel we must read just in case there is something valuable in there, we all have so many distractions (family, friends, tv shows, video subscriptions...), but is all this time wasting going to make you money today? Write actions that you need to do that could lead to money making today. Work on spending between 2-3 hours at a time to remain fresh and focused.

Once you have a list of actionable items - start doing them to create some momentum. The universal energy praises the action takers, the ones who clearly ask for it and the believers of change.

So who is ready to want more?

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