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Meg Hogan is the Money Coach, Bowen & The Whitsunday's own resource, empowering people through seeing what is possible. People limit their thinking when it comes to their own journey and Meg Hogan promotes her money management plan that brings security back to a person's life in order to take hold of some wealth accelerating strategies to advance ahead. Her book "Get Rich,Be the Voice" gives a strong message of once you learn how to create wealth, it then should become your responsibility to give to a cause that is greater than yourself for the good of the planet.

Meg helps women release their limiting beliefs, shows a way to get their finances working that can keep building into their future and expose wealth acceleration strategies to fast track their outcomes.

Meg is an author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy lifestyle into a Meaningful, Wealthy, Purpose Driven Life.

Get Rich, Be the Voice - Book

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