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Limiting belief...

"Nobody can do it like I can" wonder we see struggles in business.
A business that struggles is one without flexibility


Owning and operating a small business is not only exciting and rewarding, but the pains and the struggles experienced by many operators can be very real.


Let me know if this sounds familiar?


- pain-stakingly searching for new leads,

- unsure of whose advice to trust

- doing it all yourself

- wondering why people don’t engage in your marketing

- focusing a lot of time on building repeat customers,

- trying to find the right niches,

- juggling cash flow so everyone got paid

- having cash flow limit your growth ideas for the business

- keeping a good supplier credit rating,

- feeling very exhausted servicing everyone else’s needs but your own and your family,

- not paying yourself what you were worth.

- worrying about putting prices up, and preventing complaints.

- after BAS and super, wondering if there is any left in the pot for you

- hoping that there was going to be a delayed gratification moment to recoup all loaned money and the funds you hadn’t paid yourselves when you sell


I too thought there had to be an easier way to work and make money…





We went to work uncovering what were the struggles the local businesses were facing and what they thought would help them grow and achieve a better work / life balance.


And it became clear that business owners were crying out for some direction, better processes that work in building more cash flow and overall wealth so that they could get their life back where they could fulfill their own needs.


When you boil it all down, money, time and focus were the areas needing attention and when asked of these businesses, the one thing they all craved was systems, but we needed to know what that really meant.


Systems in their minds were business practices that could run the day to day business without hesitation.


Systems that allowed them to have more breaks away from operating.


Systems that showed that they could grow their businesses by tweaking processes or changing the way they spent their time.


Systems that involved hiring people that added value to the business talent pool and could take a hold of the opportunities that came knocking.


Systems that showed a business owner how to grow their own wealth and live by what values they held dear.


The hidden benefits of growing your business and gaining a better work / life balance are learning that the strategies can be applied to any business to raise its turnover and that you are important and matter, to actually have a life too.


Your family is too valuable to miss – this is your greatest asset.


Your personal wealth should not be left to chance as it is the aim of the game.


meg hogan, meg hogan business coaching, small business coach, coaching for small business, whitsundays, bowen, portfolio mastery,, author, get rich be he voice, #1 best seller, the money coach, business strategic coach, coaching for small business,
meg hogan, meg hogan business coach, author, get rich be the voice, #1 best seller,, business coaching, coach for small business, contribution, animal welfare, legacy, money management, the money coach, business strategic coach, whitsundays, bowen, portfolio mastery,

I’m Meg Hogan and I truly am here to help.


In fact, may I give you the first step in helping you to free up some time and ramp up your productivity by minor tweaks?



Click on the book for your free report















Tony Robbins has a 2mm rule, like preparing for a golf swing, by just moving 2mm here and there, can make a world of difference at the end goal, like where your ball will land.


This report is your 2mm rule.


A first step to detailing ways to manage your time wisely, so you can find the much-needed time to actually managing your business and not just working in your business.



Good or Good!



Secondly, I want you to get to know me and what I can offer. I have added a video to watch at your leisure. It shows how 3 businesses can benefit from partnerships.


  1. Jay Abraham's Boosting Business Story










If anytime you would like to discuss how I could help your business,

please schedule a free appointment via my calendar


Many thanks for your time,


Meg Hogan


Money & Business Strategic Coach



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