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Hello everyone! 

I have a plan, a dream, to lift people to a better personal financial status, whether in business or not, so we all can achieve a better future if we start laying the foundations now.


My history is that I have always been a saver. I get more excited from equity growth on a balance sheet than going shopping!  I am not a financial advisor but like to think I am a bit of a strategist, also an avid learner in monetary investment practices. Worked in banks within mainframes, project teams and ATM's departments, been a cash manager, worked for an electricity company and my own businesses.

I've had great achievements in property from building and owning our home, having investment properties, a small land subdivision, owned a caravan park. Believe me, there have been many mistakes on the way, but I took action and played the game to the best of my knowledge. 


I am interested in what type of future I may have and am taking steps to change the outcomes for the better. 

I created this future in Money & Business Coaching as I now see my children growing and making their life decisions, friends ageing and stagnated financially, clients and business owners looking for more direction benefiting from the years worth of learned strategies of financial, property and business knowledge.

I am a great believer in once you start building more wealth, it is good practice to begin to pay it forward, contribute to a cause that is close to your heart and in need of change for the good of the planet. Remember, giving signifies to the Universe that you are also open to receiving, and that is a great place to build wealth from.

I follow a lot of strategies from our great mentors of today - Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Chris Duncan, Dymphna Boholt, Mark Rolton,  Steve Essa, Scott Harris, Dean Holland, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, Denise-Duffield-Thomas, Jodie Jelas, Scott Pape, Garrett Gunderson, Andy Tanner, Dale Beaumont and more.


I choose to help people who want to rid their debt, manage their money, set on a path to grow their money, and lay the right foundations for growth in a business vehicle. 


So grateful you came and had a look, let's take the time to make changes, design fun and see growth in our plan of life.

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"Helping Business Owners to maximise their business potential to be in the best possible position to reap more revenue and retain more personal wealth. Standing by my offer - 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction in Business Coaching allows Owners to have certainty that they are risk free and able to receive immense value without concern." - Meg Hogan 


This site is intended to be a resource site, providing relevant videos, and pictures to inspire the attendees to succeed in wealth and business. Coaching and business support offer general advice, it should not replace individual, independent advice from a qualified financial advisor. The advice offered is an opinion of the author via her learned strategies from many experts, business and wealth leaders of today. By applying such advice, Meg Hogan or any of her affiliated business entities will not be held liable.

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