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Business Coaching by Meg Hogan on How to Ramp up Your Business and Wealth Portfolio with calendar appointment Portfolio Mastery - wealth tips, ideals and opportunities.



Business Strategic Coach

"Helping Business Owners to maximise their business potential to be in the best possible position to reap more revenue and retain more personal wealth. I am certain that my clients agree with me in saying that I give immense value and reduce any risk they feel by offering a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction." - Meg Hogan 



Q - How can I grow my business?

The aim is to get really clear on what business you are in and why your customers would feel silly to go anywhere else? 


I get where you might be, as I have been there too - feeling tired, sometimes earning less than your employees, being married to your business, being the juggler, stressing about cash flow, getting frustrated over yearly turnover, always looking for answers of what could make the difference for more profit to gain your time back.

And when you do seem to make more turnover, now you have to feed the tax man. 


Where was the lifestyle you'd hoped for?


Where were the uncapped earnings?

And more importantly, where was my personal nest egg?

Q - How can I rid my debts and grow some real wealth?

Having a plan in place is key. Utilising financial strategies to eliminate debt and then set in motion maximising ideals in time will benefit your financial health.


Business owners & Entrepreneurs are great at building their business, but not so great at building their own personal wealth. You see, they are givers. For every day you are alive, you need to have wealth that is building for your future plans.  Compounding growth over the years, buying assets that make cash flow and appreciate, utilising wealth principles of leverage, and the rewarding achievement of contribution.


I had a divorce to disrupt my comfort zone, which led me on a quest to get more educated in how to raise my financial wealth again. We all have set backs, sometimes we live a little more than we earn, but each day is a new day to learn something new to brighten our horizons and come out winning again!

Q - What can you offer me?

The winner's mindset



design your wealth foundations e-course


book - get rich, be the voice

E-Courses & Book

For the people who want to learn on their own time


winning-edge WAYS to grow

your business

WAYS to grow your personal wealth



For the people who want to learn and network with other business owners or people in similar situations in a class environment

business assessment & review

casual sessions

12 week program business coaching

private coaching

For Business Owners who want an intimate relationship to work on all aspects of their business

Q - What the heck is coaching and why do I need it?

Being in business can sometimes be a lonely affair. Your colleagues are generally your competition, so it can be a little tricky to talk strategies on how to move your business forward.


If you look at every stage in your life, there was a coaching influence - right from birth, you had caregivers, then at school, there were teachers, in employment, there were bosses, to be the best in the Olympics, there were coaches. You get the picture. So why is it that you have a business now and no-one there to help you lay the foundations, push you through the challenges, steering you on where to apply your focus?


Many problems business owners face are common problems shared and experienced at one time or another. It all comes down to understanding the life cycle of where your business is at now and what are the drivers needed to bring it to optimal performance.


I like to think that we have many levers (options) to accelerate forward (like turning up the supply) and pulling back (like eliminating wasteful expenditure) to help us drive our business vehicles. Getting help can mean whether you drive a clapped out Corolla or a sleek BMW.


If working on your finances is all you were after, yes a self-help book with a money management plan and wealth principles and strategies can be just the trick, but the accountability is the difference to whether you are still dreaming about it or actually growing your wealth plan.

Q - Can I see something FREE you have?
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Been working with Meg for nearly 2 years with our business and would 100% recommend her for anyone looking at starting or growing their business. Her positive vibes will inspire you to reach your goals by looking at different angles not only in your business but life itself.



Met Meg at an event recently and she blew me away with the depth of how many smart financial strategies she knew. Today, she flew down from QLD and I curated her personal brand for online success!!❤️❤️❤️


"100% :)"


I strongly recommend Meg Hogan to anyone interested in owning a successful business. She is very professional and helps and supports you in anyway she can. Her wealth of knowledge, expert guidance and resources have given me the ability to grow my business faster.
I truly appreciate your constant and impressive efforts in ensuring that my business becomes successful.


"Working alongside Meg was an absolute delight. Her connectedness to her mission, values and all around vivacious energy is infectious and inspiring. She truly comes from a place of service and left me feeling inspired".


Life was definitely Happening For Me when I met You Meg Hogan last year in Sydney at NAC 2 day event where Tony Robbins was one of the speakers & Wow didn't he rock that event! And a month later at Empire Mastery and then Because of You (through You) was fortunate to attend UPW ... You Inspire me Meg and are most importantly deemed a close friend. Feel like I've known you for years. ❤️


I had the pleasure of meeting Meg for the first time at a personal development event and my first thought was WOW, what a powerhouse! Over the years, and having shared in Coaching events for our own practices, I have seen & loved Meg’s enthusiasm & passion to help others move forward in their life. Meg is enthusiastic, positive, super friendly & driven to make a difference in the lives of others, I love her message and dedication, and am inspired by how she carries herself in leadership. Because of her congruency, I believe Meg is a great example for those who want greatness in their life & I’m so grateful to call her one of my friends.


Gosh, Meg has such a passion for business and how to use it to help a worthy cause. I am so impressed by the decisive decisions she has taken, that has enabled her to not only grow her businesses successfully, but then to invest diversely. In her book and her programs she is able to take you through process to not only make money but more importantly how to keep it and make it grow. Do yourself a favour and start working with her now!


I got to know Meg in a business mastermind group. What I found remarkable right from the beginning is her committment to sharing valuable information. With her money & success tips, she shares easily digestible, yet highly effective tools on how to start, solidify and grow a successful business. I highly recommend working with her.❤️

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Q - Will this work for me?

Plain and simple, it depends on you and if you are willing to want to add changes and tweaks to set in motion your future growth. I cannot guarantee your success, but I can assure you that by taking action to find time to work on your business and not necessarily in your business, it will make vast improvements. I have paid the big bucks to see the world leaders talk about the latest in growing companies, the best team cultures that work, the employable team members that makes business easy, optimising and strategising to maximise, showing us what works and what doesn't in business, property, wealth and personal development. It is sensible, systematic approaches that win the battle over time and your team is your asset, your profit is wrapped up in your ideal customer and your leading psychology is key to making that equation work.


I want you to experience results, it is all that matters... and so I am prepared to take off the table any worry you might have in investing with me, yes you read right... a 100% Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. You will not lose.

It is time for a chat.


When you win, your staff win, your clients win, your family wins. Then I win and my mission wins.  

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Portfolio Mastery is a Money & Business Coaching website offering services and resources to help expose money making ideals for personal wealth and business growth. 

This includes programs, tips, motivation, referred products, video sources and blog material.

Meg Hogan's services are helping business owners to raise the bar beyond having an average business and an average lifestyle, helping people who want to grow their wealth through a sensible money management plan and implementing well known wealth strategies foretold by our leaders and guru's today. 

Her mission is clear; help raise the standard of personal and business wealth for in return, the contribution of helping another and giving back can be elevated and fulfillment gained.



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